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A School of Fitness, A Sport, A Warm Community.


We are a school of fitness located inside a gym just north of downtown Seattle. We specialize in small group classes with plenty of explanation and teaching. While our rates may be $1-2$ higher per session than the other CrossFit affiliates, we take a different approach to ensure the best possible personalized service to you.


By charging a bit more, we are keeping our classes and our membership base smaller.  We can keep our member base lower than 30 TOTAL members. Other gyms are built off 20-30 people PER class! Our methodology results in more professional guidance and more benefit for  you!


We take the time to ensure you do the right movement and know how to scale appropriately in order to help you learn safe and efficient body control. Whether you are an elite athlete or if you've never even somersaulted or lifted weights in your life - YOU can start with us without fear and YOU will benefit with better health. 


If you are looking for a professional CrossFit gym or a personal trainer! Then try us out!

Crossfit Puget Sound is a school of fitness dedicated to providing the highest degree of professional coaching and teaching, at a very low trainee member to coach ratio. 


This is our coach’s passion, and life's work; he does this for a living, not as a hobby or a side job.

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Coach and FitnessTrainer

Crossfit PugetSound

Jeff Chalfant


Jeff Chalfant,

Coach and Fitness Trainer


4100 Aurora Ave. N 

Seattle, WA 98103